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2013 Gatorette Tryouts will take place in Spring (most likely April Date TBD)

Before auditioning, the twirler must show their proficiency in the nine required elements listed below. 

Once their twirling level is verified, each twirler will perform their audition routine and marching test.


 Audition Routine   

2-3 minute routine to your choice of music.   

Routines must have the following required elements in the routine.

(1)    3-turn or higher

(2)    Toss illusion

(3)    Toss Reverse illusion

(4)    Toss 1 Reverse illusion

(5)    Toss cartwheel or walkover

(6)    Two baton

(7)    Three Baton

(8)    Split

(9)    Various leaps


 Marching Test   

You will have to perform a 16-step high step marching square to the UF fight song.

Marching will be judged on style, knee height, and timing with the music.



         Royal blue leotard

         Nude or tan tights

         Appropriate footwear (tennis shoes, cougars, or jazz shoes)

         Hair and makeup must be done appropriately for field performance


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